Awards Edit

  • Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affair Debut Book Award
  • Children's Choice Ark Awards 2002

Trivia Edit

  • Most online stores has the picture of the 3rd editon without Alk and Ilke in front and only them on the front for the paperback. It might be because it was maybe printed without them the first time or an oversight.
  • The title is commonly mistranslated into Prophecy Selected.
  • Many literal mistakes can be explained by the lack of pictures since with pictures one wouldn't need to describe looks as much.
  • The Swedish, Danish, and Finnish cover is the same.
  • Strangely for being much cheaper does the 29kr limited edition contain an extra chapter.
  • Gyldendal claims the book came out in Italy, but other than them saying that, is there no sign of it. There is no sign of the publisher, Con Tatto, they claim to have released it, so it seems to not exist either.
  • The image of Harti and Khiri on the cover of the 3rd edition first appeared inside Utfrielsen.
  • The second edition was meant as a paperback edition of the 1st but there are slight modifications to it.
  • It was the first Norwegian fantasy book to really catch on.
  • The German artwork pictures Alk and Ilke looking 16-18 even though they were 10 at the time.
  • The German artwork also features Kheiko, which Alk first got in the 3rd book.

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