Things get down to earth.

Backcover Edit

Ilke and Alk have ended up in a strange and dangerous world, our world.

In Trondheim where violent forces are smoldering. The elves manages to get mixed up into even darker secrets about the inquisition, the discovery of America, one of the writers of King Arthur, and something happening behind the thick soapstone walls of the Nidaros Cathedral...

Trivia Edit

  • It's the book where Kheiko got his final design.
  • It's the only one of the first tree to keep it's original image, albeit slightly edited with the shadows.
  • It would be a year until the next book was released.
  • Some kids found the beginning scary enough to being afraid to start reading the series.
  • 2 of the boys are named after Eliassen's oldest sons, if it's meant to be them, alternate selves, or just some boys with the same names is unknown.
  • Trondheim doesn't really have a subway.
  • There's multiple Scandic Hotels in Trondheim.
  • Father Terrequeda was refered to Terry at first, ironically does he then share that name with the protagonist and hero Mare from the series of the same name in the international filmation.
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