Fitting her proper debut book 5: Enigma, Amyrst is a bit of an enigma herself. It's unknown what she is, how long she has been alive, her goals, or anything really. She's implied to have been the lover of several important men in the story, and taken advantage of more than a few, even strongly implied to have raped one.

Appearance Edit

Amyrst is a beautiful woman, with long wavy silver hair and a gorgerous purple dress that looks like it could be from the early 1800s.

Past Edit

Most about her is told through flashbacks or characters claiming to have met her and their stories about her. Connected they lead to a very complicated woman maybe not fitting a children's book series.

She has been involved in many thing, and her tears is said to be the material used to make Ilke's invicibility cloak.

Children Edit

She has many children, among them are Tectum, the season spirits, and even Prince Tarkan is implied to be one of them.

Lovers Edit

  • Sherpa: Not much is known about their relationship, but it's implied that the two of them are Prince Tarkan's birthparents.
  • Prince Tarkan: After finding the two together as lovers King Veha banished them both.
  • Sha-ra: She found him drunk and depressed over his task he felt like he could never accomplish and he had to give up his dream as a Dragon Knight in order to fulfil his destiny. so she seduced him into an inn to "talk about it", the next morning Sha-ra felt dirty and sick, and to forget about it he focused more on his duty than ever. 9 months later she appeared at his door with Tectum in her arms, threatening to kill the child. She later admits that when he fought to protect the child he earlier wanted nothing to do with, she fell in love with him, and placed a curse on him to forget them both, but if they ever met again he'd die.
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