The First 7

The first 7

Buecher saga

The German backs of the books, feel free to use as refrence if you don't know which order to put them in.

The original books. So far not released in Englsh, but maybe someday!

Phenomena debuted in Norway in 2002 after Norwegian kids told him they wanted fantasy when he asked what genre they wanted him to write. This would be both its strength and weakness, as the next Harry Potter book wouldn't be released until the next year, and even before the upcoming movie and the second Lord of the Rings movie. The strength would be giving the ones wanting more fantasy something to read while waiting. The weakness would be hesitant foreign publishers not wanting to publish it as it was seen copying things due to some similarities to the more internationally famous series. It has often been accused of copying or being too inspired by Tolkien's works. Fans of both tend say that they aren't that similar, but are inspired by some of the same things, like the bible.

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