Harti is Alk, Ilke and Akai's father. Not much is known about him. It is known however that he's a good man who's also strong and willing to do anything for his family. While not as daring to talk back as his wife, is he willing to do anything to protect her.


When he was young, his father taught him how to paint the tattoos of the elf chieftain. These were taught to him in secret as this art was banned by the Mortoks. Some time after he and Khiri was married, he and Sha-ra met when he was on his way to rescue Arol. Harti then made Sha-ra promise to take his future children in as if they were his own. His and Khiri's part of the deal was to manage to keep the pregnancy a secret and bring the children to Sha-ra, instead of Sha-ra coming and picking them up.

Book 1 Edit


A fresh, a bit tired, but proud family.

He and Khiri goes to get their names written in the attendee book after Ari and his family. He tells the guards that Khiri only needs to rest after she collapses in the door opening. He later sneaks out to find Mandor the village doctor and suports Khiri while in labour. They sneak out and climb down a cliff. There Hisj, the winter spirit, found them and they fought, luckily Arol managed to save them.

Relationships Edit

Khiri: Harti's beloved wife. It's not known how or when they met, but seemingly have been together for a long time.

Alk and Ilke: Despite sending them away does he love his children a lot and wishes he didn't have to send them away. Unlike his wife does he try to keep a distance.

Trivia Edit

  • It's implied but not stated that he's a descendant of the elf chieftain who came to the village all these years ago, this is because his family line has been thaught how to make the tattoos in centuries.
  • The picture of him and Khiri on the 3rd edition of the Norwegian first book first appeared in the fourth book. Why it was reused for this instead of the same piece as the 2nd edition or a new one like the 3rd edition of the second book did is unknown, but it's speculated it's because Gyldendal discourages Eliassen from using his own artwork.
  • He may have had blond hair when he was younger.
  • He may have lent a helping hand in saving Arol.
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