The spirit of winter, Hisj is the prince of the frost. He gave some of his powers to Ilke when she was just a few hours old. Not much is known about him other than he can't be trusted. He is feared by many, espesially the mortoks.

Bio: Edit

He wants to fulfill the prophecy for unknown reason, but Sha-ra thinks he only does it for his own gain. He often seperates children from their families and makes them frost childen, even though the prophecy mentions only one frost child is he eager to create as many as possible as he thinks it'll go faster if he does so. What gain he sees in doing this is unknown, but given his personality may it only be for funs and later giggles.

Book 1: Edit

He tries to take Alk and Ilke from their parents to make both frost children and injuires Harti. He only gets hold of Ilke and manages to give her some of his spirit. He gets knocked away by Arol and leaves them alone for a while. He returns to see how Ilke grows up every winter, causing long, cold winters until he goes into an agreement with Sha-ra to stay away so Alk and Ilke can play in the snow, and comes every night to check if they did.

Book 7: Edit

He comes for Ilke and claims she is his. She refuses and says she doesn't belong to anyone and he leaves her alone. How he thinks she is his is unknown.

Trivia: Edit

  • Ilke has interestingly many personality traits from Hisj, such as lying, being a trickster, eager to a fault, and a "do first, regret later" view on life, unlike him does she take the concequences of what she does and means well rather than his "it amused me" way of doing things..
  • He didn't have to meet up for one of the trials, but did anyway.
  • It's implied that the screaming wind at night are the children he has made frost children who screams in fear.
  • Mony fans believe him to look like some of the drawings of the Nothern Wind from Aesop's fable "The Nothern Wind and the Sun" due to their similar personalities and powers.
  • Some of the Norwegian fandom say it's his fault if the winters start early and last long.
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