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Mijam is a cheerful girl and the daughter of the chieftain of the Aharam tribe. Nothing is known about how she looks except that we know that Alk thinks she's really pretty, and as the Aharam people are desert dwellers is she probably tan.


Mijam seems to be an intelligent and curious girl. She teaches Ilke how to dance, and according to the boardgame she knows martial arts which she teaches the player who draws the card.

Drastic personality change[]

After a 5 book absence, she and her family returns in Trollmannen working in the mines the elves once worked in. Mijam is no longer the cheerful girl she once was, hating being touched, and any man, even Alk or her father so much touching her shoulder, gives her panic attacks. She mellows out by Frostens Datter where she's much calmer without much of an explanation.