The season spirits are the children of Amyrst and the four winds that blow from the north, south, east and west. She bore them in severe pain after she had laid the last stone in the construction of the celestial monolith. As children, they ate the honey that bees brought from the flower beds in the valley of Acheres. And they drank out of Nivl, the water that was there before everything else. Just as the seasons, they are very different, Zohl is gentle and warm, hen is the one of those who is most diplomatic and likes to settle things peacefully. Grohol, the autumn season spirit is crafty, hen likes to do things right on time and always hurries to get things done. Hen is more practical than diplomatic and does not take into account if it is not the right thing to do. Sham is the artist of them, hen likes to observe everything and let it live its own life. In a conflict, Sham chooses to be an observer. Nature will sort it out. Hen is mild-tempered and does not like conflicts. Hisj is the only one who is not gender neutral. He has a strong personality and does not like the task of being a season spirit but wants to influence and be an active part of what is happening on earth. Because of the choices he makes, Hisj may seem vicious and ruthless, but he is not evil, he only does what he wants.

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