The wizard Sha-ra was born on the small island of Mono, a small island outside Trobar. There he grew up without anyone else to play with than a fantasy friend he called Mentor. His parents smiled at his fantasy friend, but did not realize that it was more serious than it might seem at first. One day his dad was out to chop firewood, Mentor became so angry when he practiced Luma, the fire that he set fire to the house and the mother of Sha-ra died in the flames. his father, Ideus, sailed across the sea with Sha-ra, who had become seven winters so he could learn from the wizard Arkin.

After Mentor set fire to Arkin's castle, King Veha separated the two boys so that they could live their own lives. Sha-ra chooses to follow King Veha's advice and wander around in Aldra to learn how to become the wizard the prophecy has said he will be. Before settling in a castle at Lake Meriba he gets a child with Amyrst, a little girl named Tectum. The story is in the fifth book, Enigma. And he becomes a dragon rider in Morem.

As the bearer of the prophecy book, Phenomena, he is the one responsible for teaching the chosen, Alk and Ilke, and preparing them for the Great War. And he follows them through their upbringing until book five, Phenomena, Enigma where the wizard Sherpa kills Sha-ra while Alk and Ilke looks on helplessly.

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